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Powerful, versatile, cost effective - from day one Accuenergy has focused on producing intelligent power and energy metering solutions that are easy to deploy and extremely cost effective.

Accuenergy Acuvim II Series of Intelligent Power/Energy Meters-

Multi-functional power and energy meters are customizable with a variety of modular I/O and communciation options to fit specific applications in order to provide the most versatile and cost-effective metering solution on the market.

Accuenergy AXM Series Digital/Analog I/O Modules-

These plug-in I/O modules integrate data to/from other devices and are field expandable. They provide added functions and increased versatility for any of the Acuvim II Series. These increased functions can be enabled by simply snapping on the module to the back of either meter and can work in conjunction with two other extension modules (cannot be paired with the same module). Modules range from 6 to 4 Digital Inputs, and can have Digital Output, Relay Output, Analog Input, or Analog Output.

Accuenergy AcuCT 0812 Series Split Core Current Transformers, 0.83 x 1.22"-

Lightweight and compact industrial split core current transformers can be installed quickly and easily without disconnecting cables and feature a window size of 0.83 x 1.22".

Accuenergy AcuCT 333 mV Series 333mV Split Core Current Transformers-

Compact and lightweight line of conventional split core 333 mV current transformers are designed for panel and device monitoring use without disconnecting cables.

Accuenergy Acuvim II-D-RCT-P1 Intelligent Power/Energy Meter, LCD, Rogowski Coil input, 415 Vac/300 Vdc-

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