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P3 International

P3 International is a manufacturer of the Kill-A-Watt range of plug-in power metering products for consumers.

P3 KW EZ Kill-A-Watt EZ Power Meter-

P3 KW EZ Kill-A-Watt EZ Power Meter
Model: P4460

Our simplest, easiest to use and most afforably plug power/kWh meter, the Kill-A-Watt EZ monitors the power consumed by any 120V/15A plug-in appliance. Calculates and displays cost.

$59.00 CAD

Availability: 2 in Stock
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P3 PS-10 (P4330) Kill-A-Watt Power Strip-

P3 PS-10 (P4330) Kill-A-Watt Power Strip
Model: P4330

Kill-A-Watt Power Strip is a power strip surge protector and electricity meter in one! Measures and displays the total amount of energy used in kWh as well as the current instantaneous power consumption.

$152.00 CAD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks
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