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Media Converters

These media converters enable the testing of current/voltage and power transformers, and allow professionals to quickly analyzer power and energy monitoring data. These products are ideal for energy monitoring, manufacturing, and plant maintenance professionals.

MODBUS RS485 to USB Adapter-

MODBUS RS485 to USB Adapter
Model: USB-RS485

MODBUS RS485 to USB Adapter converts MODBUS data running via RS485 to USB for use on local PC.

$89.76 CAD

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AccuEnergy AXM Series Digital/Analog I/O Modules-

AccuEnergy AXM Series Digital/Analog I/O Modules

These plug-in I/O modules integrate data to/from other devices and are field expandable. They provide added functions and increased versatility for any of the Acuvim II Series. These increased functions can be enabled by simply snapping on the module to the back of either meter and can work in conjunction with two other extension modules (cannot be paired with the same module). Modules range from 6 to 4 Digital Inputs, and can have Digital Output, Relay Output, Analog Input, or Analog Output.

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$79.20 CAD

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Dent PS-USB-485-ADPT USB-RS485 Adapter Assembly-

$317.52 CAD

was $336.00

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks
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