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Neurio Technology

Smarter. Safer. More Efficient.

Neurio Technology provides a smarter way to manage your home energy monitoring. Allowing you to live more comfortably and securely, all the while saving you money. Proudly poviding energy monitoring equipment to monitor your electricity and solar power generation.

Neurio SEK-2 Solar Expansion Kit-

Neurio SEK-2 Solar Expansion Kit
Model: SEK-2

When added to a Neurio Home Energy Monitor, the Solar Expansion Kit measures solar power generation and net consumption in real-time. Information is displayed through consumer-friendly web or smartphone app.

$91.00 CAD

Availability: 10+ in Stock
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Neurio TPEK-1 Three Phase Expansion Kit-

Neurio TPEK-1 Three Phase Expansion Kit
Model: TPEK-1

Upgrade the W1-HEM from split phase to three phase with this expansion kit. With smart energy saving features and real-time consumption and generation monitoring, Neurio is the perfect complement to any home with solar power. When added to their home, your customers will enjoy even more savings as they can see exactly where their costly energy is being wasted, allowing them to maximize their solar investment.

$66.00 CAD

Availability: 6 in Stock
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Neurio W1 HEM Home Electricity Monitor-

Neurio W1 HEM Home Electricity Monitor
Model: W1-HEM

Sophisticated home energy monitor, with a small meter installed in your home energy panel, transmits data to your local Wifi network, which allows you real time energy usage from your smartphone, tablet, PC. Neurio's app allows you to see what is being powered in your home, Great for using energy more efficiently, helping you manage your energy costs.

$285.99 CAD

Availability: 6 in Stock
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Neurio Y-Kit Y-Adapter Kit-

Neurio Y-Kit Y-Adapter Kit
Model: Y-Adapter Kit | Order No: Y-KIT

Multiple residential electrical panels can be combined into one Neurio to analyze the consumption data from each. Simply splice the consumption ports and connect the second pair of CTs to the second panel. This kit includes 2 CTs and 2 Y-Adapters.

$106.00 CAD

Availability: 10+ in Stock
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Neurio CTE-10 CT Extenders-

Neurio CTE-10 CT Extenders
Model: CTE-10

Neurio current transformer extenders lengthen the leads by 10ft. Join multiple extenders together for extra length. Includes 2 x 10ft extenders per package. *Not recommended to lengthen longer than 50ft.

$26.00 CAD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks
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