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Efergy e2 Whole House Energy Monitor-

Downloads: datasheet manual

Efergy e2 Whole House Energy Monitor

Model: E010

Efergy e2 Wireless electricity monitor includes E-Link reporting PC software. Large LCD digital display. Easy to use and install.

This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model(s).

The e2 classic is a renewed version of our third generation of energy monitors, and includes 9 new features. The e2 will help you understand better how much energy and money you consume in your home. It includes an innovative software package so you can track your energy usage on your computer

How it works

The efergy e2 electricity monitor is simple to install and use. The sensor wirelessly sends information about the amount of electricity you are using to the display monitor. The monitor converts this into kilowatt-hours, the standard unit which the electricity company uses to charge you. This shows how much you are using in the same units that are on your bill. Input the amount your energy company charges you for each kilowatt-hour and you can see how much you are spending in electricity instantly. Make instant changes to save money, energy and the environment.

What's included

1 x Customer information display
1 x Transmitter
2 x XL - 200 A sensors
1 x Instructions manual
1 x Elink CD software (PC/Mac compatible)
1 x Elink instructions manual
3 x AA & 3 x AAA Batteries included

Key Features

  • New and improved display
  • Showing per hour calculations for a better understanding and feedback
  • Increased data storage capacity: up to 24 months history data
  • New elink energy management software included for FREE
  • Uses multiple tariff options including weekends off peak
  • Improved incremental stepping on the voltage, costs, carbon emissions and alarm
  • Audio alert if you exceed your set maximum consumption target
  • Automatically changes between seasonal tariff structures
  • Peak time symbol when the most expensive tariff is in use
  • Includes 3 AA & 3 AAA batteries
  • Includes 2 XL - 200 A sensors clamp over wire up to 4/0 AWG
  • Tariff rates pre-programmed (or updated manually)
  • Portable compact display can be placed anywhere in the home
  • View your real time energy consumption (cost, CO2 and kWh)
  • View historical daily, weekly or monthly data (cost, CO2 and kWh)
  • View daily, weekly or monthly average (cost, CO2 and kWh)
  • Up to 70 m range
  • Portable or wall mountable display
  • 12 months minimum battery life (with 2400 mAh alkaline batteries)
  • Mains powered with battery back up for portability
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Understand your carbon footprint


Model Name: efergy e2
Frequency: 433MHz
Transmission Time: 10sec. 15sec. or 20sec.
Transmission Range: 40m - 70m
Sensor Voltage Range: 110V-600V
Measuring Current: 50mA - 200A
Memory: 64K
Pack Size HxWxD: 20.2cm x 20.5cm x 7cm
Portable Display Unit Power: 3 X AAA Batteries
Transmitter Power: 3 X AA Batteries

elink software requirements
OS: Windows XP/ Vista x 32 with SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista
Mac OS X (elink 2)
Platform: .Net framework 3.5 with SP1
Desktop: minimum 800x600, 32 bit colour

Click here for complete specifications on the Efergy E010

What's included with the Efergy E010

  • Efergy e2 Whole House Energy Monitor
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