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TED Pro Home Complete System-

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TED Pro Home Complete System

Model: TED Pro Home Kit | Order No: TED PRO HOME-KIT

For residential and small business applications. This kit includes the TED Pro Home energy monitoring system and TED SPYDER 60 donut CTS's and Adapter.

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TED Pro Home Kit Offers


  • Designed for homes with breaker panels up to 400 amps (with Optional CT's).
  • Features advanced, state-of-the-art Powerline Carrier Communication:
    • Easier setup and improved performance
    • Smooth, reliable communication over existing powerlines
  • Ability to monitor up to 32 individual circuits with TED Spyder. Track usage and monitor individual rooms/circuits.
  • Features a NEW Energy Control Centre (ECC):
    • Embedded with new version of Footprints data-logging Software
    • Customizable graphing (data ranges and colours)
    • USNAP expandable
    • Displays power factor
  • Ability to send data to multiple third party applications
  • Multiple Display options (wired & wireless Display available)


  • Individual Load/Circuit Energy Data - Determine which loads are costing you more!
  • Measurement of Generation Sources - Monitor solar or wind production.
  • Adding Circuit Combinations - Group loads for Sub-metering or Combine loads for a single Energy Measurement (for example: HVAC compressor + Air Handler)

More Information

To learn more about the TED Pro Home Energy Monitor, start here: TED Pro Home Energy Monitor.

TED Pro Home Kit Specifications

Measuring Transmitting Units (MTU)
Types of Services
Single-phase 2-Wire or 3-Wire Yes
3-phase 4-Wire Wye Yes
3-phase 3-Wire Delta Yes
3-phase 4-Wire Hi-leg Delta Yes
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum Voltage - Phase/Phase 600 V
Maximum Voltage - Phase/Neutral 347 V
Minimum Voltage 180 V
Maximum Current - per phase 1200A *
Maximum Wire Size 500 MCM (23mm OD)*
Voltage Measurement Voltage Divider Circuit
Current Measurement 200A:1.5V Split-Core CTs
Operating Temperature -40°C<TA>+50°C
Energy Measurement and Calculations Analog Devices ADE7854ACPZ
Overall Accuracy Better than ± 2%
Measure and Transmit Energy ± 1W
Measure and Transmit Demand ± 1VA
Measure and Transmit Voltage ± 0.1V
Measure and Transmit Phase Currents ± 0.01A
Measure and Transmit Power Factor ± 0.1%
Communication Interface PLC / Ethernet
PLC System Yitran IT700 System

* Will measure up to 1200A with three 400A parallel feeds using additional CT sets. For systems over 1200A please contact TED Customer Service.

** Will measure up to 400A with two parallel 200A using additional CT set or with optional 400A CT set.

Data-Receiving Unit
Works w/ 3-phase & single phase MTU Yes
Maximum Voltage Phase/Neutral 277 V
Minimum Voltage Phase/Neutral 95 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Cord Types Available UL / EU / UK / AU
Operating Temperature +5°C<TA<+40°C
Communication Methods Available PLC, Ethernet, Wifi, ZigBee, USB, XBee
USB 2.0 Port 1
USNAP 2.0 Port 2
Display Port 1
Compatible w/ ZigBee SE 2.0 smart meter Yes
Accept Demand Reduction Request from Utility Yes
Maximum number of MTUs on one system 4
Maximum number of Spyders on one system 4 - Future Release
Maximum number of Load Measured 32 - Future Release
Power-on LED Blue
Link Status LED Green / Yellow
Transmit / Receive Green / Red
Energy-Use Indicator Bar Green / Yellow / Red
TED Footprints™ - Historical, Graphical, Profiling, TED Advisor, Aggredata Included
TED Smart Load-Shedding Software Included
System and Utility Rate Setup Wizard Setup
Solar / Wind Generation
Display System Load Yes
Display System Generation Yes
Display Net Metering Yes
Data Display Options
Computer - TED Footprints™ Software Yes
Desktop LCD Display Yes
Wireless LCD Display Yes
Mobile Phones or Pads Yes
AggreData - Aggregates data from multiple systems Yes
Third Party Applications Yes
Data Storage / Display
Second Data Every second for 2 hours
Minute Data Every minute for 48 hours
Hour Data Every hour for 90 days
Day Data Every day for 2 years
Month Data Every month for 24 years
Rate Structures
Rates downloadable from Internet Yes
Rates can be pre-programmed Yes
Number of TOU Rates 4
Number of Tier/Step Rates 4
Critical Peak Rates Yes
Weekend Rates Yes
Holiday Rates (US and Canada) Yes
Seasonal Rates (4 seasons) Yes
Tier/Step within Seasons Yes
Tier/Step within TOU periods Yes
TOU Rates within Seasons Yes
Demand Charges or Demand Penalties Yes
Number of House Codes Unlimited
Update Time 1 Second
Optional Devices / Equipment
Wireless Display with Backlight/Battery Yes
Smart Thermostats Wifi or ZigBee
USNAP Modules Yes - 2 (Wifi or ZigBee)
USB Dongle Wifi or ZigBee
Load Shedding Devices 20A 1P PLC, Wifi, or ZB
Load Shedding Devices 40A 2P PLC, Wifi, or ZB
Click here for complete specifications on the TED TED Pro Home Kit

What's included with the TED Pro Home Kit

  • Ted Pro Home, which includes
    • 1 NEW Energy Control Center (ECC) embedded with Footprints Software
    • 1 Measuring Transmitting Unit
    • 1 Set of two Current Transformers
  • Spyder Home, which includes
    • Eight (8) 60Amp Donut CTs

TED Pro Home Overview 1

How to Save with TED

Helping your Business with TED Pro

TED - 120V MTU Connection

Accessing Footprints Software

Footprints Software Settings

TED Pro Troubleshooting

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" data-description="For residential and small business applications. This kit includes the TED Pro Home energy monitoring system and TED SPYDER 60 donut CTS's and Adapter.">